A genre of latin dance music which mixes rap, hip-hop, reggae, and ragga. Salsa and merengue influences can also be heard in some songs. After becoming very popular in Puerto Rico clubs, it began spreading through parts of South America and then into the United States through New York City and Los Angeles, cities with concentrated populations of Puerto Ricans. It continues to gain popularity in other cities with some club owners moving exclusively to this infectious new genre.
Reggetón Artists: Hectór y Tito, Luny Tunes y Noriega, Tego Calderón, Ivy Queen, La Factoría, Don Omar.
by Darrel Farris January 19, 2004
It started in Puestro Rico, and it is and spreading desease. This so called music, it's rap in spanish without creativity in any musical content(repeats the same beat in every damn song), that puts women in a position of sex object. At first every one tought that it was going to pass but soon but it's here to stay. One of the worst things of reggeton is that people are starting to think that all latins are like that wich it's not true, it's a fashionable "music" that steal's the music scene from good latin artist.
Hideuos voice + stupid lyrics + same beat - creativity + naked chicks = reggeton

by yame May 22, 2007
(reg-e-tone) Noun: Latin American music from the Caribbean consisting of drum instruments and solo beats and percussion instruments on a fixed musical rhythm, often repeated. Bona fide reggeton music requisites to have the same beat consistently on EVERY song in order to be considered reggeton. Its origins of reggeton come from Africa as using a variety of drums to create a rather addicting rhythm then later transferred to Jamaica to create its modern day grassroots of reggeton known as reggae and ragga--common but distinct types of Caribbean music. From the influence of both reggae and other Latin American music such as merengue, salsa, bachata, and many more, have formed a mixture of these to form reggeton . New generation reggeton also has bits of hip-hop and rap as well often made fashionable by young kids and adolescents and very popular among Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

The music is becoming very well-liked now then it was years ago despite its long history as it first started in many clubs in Puerto Rico and expanded to nearby islands until it reached the USA. Nowadays, many diverse people from different cultures listen to reggeton including people who origins are from but NOT limited to: Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, El Salvador, and Dominican republic.

For some, regetton means Spanish rap which in reality it is not actual rap. Rap has its different rules that are different from reggeton. Although the music is mostly Spanish-speaking it also has bits of English as well. For some, this type of music is the best music ever while some think it is bad and lacks rhythm, and truly makes the music laughable as some say it is an insult to the real music of the Caribbean.

Perreo is an erotic dance sequence that involves mostly female to dance as if they are receiving anal sex while the males delivers. This very provocative dance is often associated with reggeton. In many clubs, reggeton has many members since very scandalous clad females are ready to shake their @$$. No wonder reggeton always has its place in a DJ’s CD collection.

How long reggeton will survive is a mystery but everyday, there are more fans around the world loving this single and unique music.

Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Lion y Lenox, and Tego Calderon are popular reggeton artists.
by leebal May 11, 2006
Is the worst "music" ever created, is an insult to the reagee, and to the tropical music. Is music for ñeros
Que mierda tan mala, claro es reggeton
by Gustavo Jararamillo January 13, 2005