A lesbian who has never been penetrated by a man.
Jenna is a golden star, no way she's gonna let you stick it to her!
by Jonas808 May 9, 2008
A figurative golden star is awarded to anyone who eats at least one entire pizza everyday for a week. In practice the Golden Star is mostly used for bragging.
“Dude, are you eating pizza again? “
- “Yeah, i’m going for the golden star!”
by ComptonGandalf69 April 2, 2019
A children’s book that is of a lower quality and is cheaply made.
My school is so broke... the kids only have golden star books to work with
by Wordilator January 24, 2021
Popular lip balm used mainly as pain relief for broken and/or missing limbs.
WHAT, that scav just sniped me with his shotgun. Quick, pass me the golden star balm!
by Sanitar, destroyer of PMCs September 3, 2020