65 definitions by leah

Means cool. Came from Joey R. He just made it up!
Woa, that is a sadalio car!
by Leah August 01, 2004
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1. Okayz (Plural of Okay)
That's okayz. (That's okay)
by Leah May 16, 2005
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A manner of conducting business.
Yodawg, Why you be frontin? We just don't roll that way.
by Leah April 05, 2005
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*Could be an adjective or a noun*

1. The name of something that is "Awesome".

2. A synonym for "awesome"
1. My new boots are the awesomeez
2. That song is awesomeez.
by Leah March 06, 2005
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The logic of me. For I am Leah. And I can't spell, therefore, it is Leeuh Lojik
The Leeuh Lojik is the best logic there is. So.. HA
by Leah October 03, 2003
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A young kid, who has the intelligence or acts like an older person.
"That girl rocks! She is a total Minidroogie!"
"That Minidroogie and me share the same interests."
by Leah May 30, 2005
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Is the most hoopty town in all of california
Amazing people live in Markleeville they are all my heros
by leah June 20, 2004
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