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A place where you can get hotdogs wrapped in bacon at the 7/11, something I can't believe hasn't appeared all over America yet.

A place where 90% of the people are extremely attractive, and obese people are hard to find.

A place that will cost you an arm and a leg to visit because of the extremely high standard of living Norwegians enjoy - due in part to the country's massive oil reserves.

The best place in the world to live, according to the UN.
Damn, that bacon dog was delicious! Too bad it cost me 50 Krones and now I can't afford to take the trikk back into town!
by kwirk June 08, 2005

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In hop-hop, it's often used as a sort of taunt after a proclamation has been made.
South side runnin' this bitch! What!
by kwirk May 30, 2005

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A tan where the tan lines are obviously caused by wearing normal clothes outside in the sun for long periods of time, instead of wearing swimwear or more suitable clothes for tanning.
Dude, your chest is so pale compared to your arms. And why are your knees so red? Get rid of that farmer's tan before you come to the beach again, it looks ridiculous!
by kwirk June 04, 2005

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A name due to be retired as of 8/28/05.
Some guy: Your name's Katrina?? Hmmm....
Katrina: *sigh*
by kwirk August 30, 2005

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In the film industry, it refers to a clothespin. Often used by the lighting department to attach gels to lights, keep cords out of the way, etc.
A: Hey new guy...hand me a c47.
B: *blank stare*
A: C47! *sigh*...a clothespin!
b: Oh.
by kwirk January 19, 2006

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A foolish person who needs to accept his/her comeuppance for their wack behavior.
Yo, B, you need to chill wit' that, you actin' like a sucka duck and need to accept yo' comeuppance!
by Kwirk April 23, 2004

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Hip-hop DJ from Phoenix, AZ. Widely regarded as the top party-rocking DJ in the world, Z-Trip is mostly known for blending many types of music styles and genres into his mix sets, which was fairly rare for hip-hop DJs until recently. He released his first studio album "Shifting Gears" in 2005.
Z-Trip and DJ P's "Uneasy Listening Vol. 1" mix album is a good example of Z-Trip's style.
by kwirk June 04, 2005

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