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British anarchist pop muscial group. Founded in 1984 in Leeds, England. The number of members has hovered around 8-9.

Although Chumbawamba is often brushed of as a one-hit-wonder of the 1990s, they remain a potent producer of catchy, melodic pop. Unknown to most is that their are deeply devoted political activists, feared by conservatives big and small. Self-described as 'progressive anarchists,' they have, since their founding, become the subject of countless police raids.

A very talented and underappreciated musical outfit. You may not see them on the Top 40 again or agree with their radical leftist views, but their musical talent and political fever still inspire an admirable eye.
Dudette #1: Hey, Chumbawamba's on the radio! Man, they never produced anything else did they.

Dudette #2: Actually, this is just their only hit. They have 13 albums, 7 of which were made after this.

Dudette #1: Oh.
by kwashia March 24, 2005
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The diarrhea one gets from eating at taco bell.

synonyms: diarrhea, montezuma's revenge, dysentery, flux, the runs, the trots
Dude, what happened to you last night?
I ate a chalupa from taco bell and got the chumba wamba.
by Lord of the tacos September 07, 2012
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The expression you pronounce when you are getting your balls squashed or you sit on your balls.
You're all ready to take a shit and you forget to lift up the toilet seat. As you sit on your balls you exclaim, "Chumbawamba!!"
by Sidney Hayworth November 18, 2005
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A musically inspired erection; usually used to express one's excitement for a particular song, not necessarily literal
"I get a chumbawamba every time this song comes on!"
by D-ren May 11, 2012
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the act of getting shitfaced in the town of your birth
i'm going home for the winter, and damn if im not going to get chumbawamba'd to death
by saringe August 19, 2003
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