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the best alcoholic drink ever invented.a rich red,almost black wine, made by the wonderful benedictine monks.has many added chemicals such as sodium glycerophosphate and the ever more lovely vanillin. although known as "lurgan champagne", the truth of the matter is that Craigavon has the highest consumption of wine per person anywhere in the world.known the province over as "a 10 of wine", "buckie" , or most simply, "a bottle".
wee lad:"here mister go in to da offees and git us a bottle of buckfast, go on ahead."
me:"fuck aff wee lad ive been barred from here before for that"
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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a load of wankers that always choose not to publish your entries for some unknown reason. probably due to the fact that they are american and dont understand irish humour. or they are crap at geography.
bunch of cunts urban dictionary editors
by kunstable March 14, 2007

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probably one of the most delicious dishes ever to be created,the ulster fry is like manna from heaven.sunday morning is the best time to enjoy one of these greasy,high cholesterol wonders.a chief fry will usually contain
1 half soda farl
1 tatie bread
2 sausages
2 bacon
1 tomato,fresh
1 fried egg with a runny yolk
to drink, a tin of tennents you found in your pocket from saturday(the previous) night.failing that tea or juice will do fine.
after you have eaten,a most enjoyable activity to participate in is smoking a fat joint.

to note this is far superior to the full english breakfast
me:"here ma make us a ulster fry there"
ma:"no probs son,but theres no sodas"
me:"shite.toast then..."
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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the ulster expression for a cigarette. a linguistic corruption of the word fag.

in craigavon the phrase "gis a feg" is widely used by the younger populace as an alternate greeting.
person 1:"gis a feg wee lad"
person 2:"i dont have any"(shock)
by Kunstable January 03, 2007

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also known as the dole,unemployment benefit,or officially jobseekers allowance.quite a marvellous creation,it is how the majority of people support their drink and drug habits around craigavon and indeed throughout northern ireland

progression to a better paid benefit such as DLA or incapacity benefit is usually desirable.
the brew is only 45 quid a week you knowt
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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Another term for ecstasy, MDMA, E's, etc. The phrase can often refer to at least 20 tablets, or "wingers", often neatly wrapped up in cling film. Also, can possibly be used as a personal name.
"Run down to Lego and get a load of wingers"

"Ye nat on the wingers t'nite then mucker?"

"Them wingers gat me fucking chin bar walloped!!!!"

"Have ya seen Wingers about lately then?"
by Kunstable January 20, 2008

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A supposed city,located in co.armagh, northern ireland. Developed from the 1960s onward to absorb excess population from Belfast.

Consists of nothing but a few office blocks, a shopping centre,and lots of council housing estates. Oh and lots of mucky fields so your guddies get dirty. Drugs are VERY easy to find. For all its social and economic problems, its most definatly the best place in the world. But carlsberg diddnt do Craigavon, Buckfast did!
Craigavon isnt as bad as u mite think
by Kunstable March 18, 2007

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