Fuck AFF - Take a good long fuck to your self , I hate ya - don't fuck OFF - fuck the fuck aff ! that's past off its aff , its further away .. Away past seenin - it's AFF ! So fuck it ! - origin lurgan co Armagh
Mal Devine said - vote ? Vote ? For who ? Them bundle of fuckin Boke donkeys ! Put my name to them cunts ? FUCK away AFF !

Sorry ? You would like me to work Saturday ? Sure no problem
? Shall I rim ya now are later ya company basdad faced fuck torkey !! Fuck aff

Hi fella - put that drink down and fuck aff ! Fuck aff fore I kick your balls up your ass and slope your Ma !

Patsy said -- i luck down and this drunkin cunt shouts to me ! Hi sing this sing that - fuckin dean Martin or some shite ! Little auld wine drinker me or some shite ! Here's me ! This basdad is a cunt !! ! his brothers are all basdads his da was a basdad - his Ma was a gross fat basdad ! from a whole nest of basdads He was from ! I said to to him ! I don't know it ! he says fuckin sing it now!!! fuck I felt my blood fuckin boil - I hit him with a mic stand , broke the fuck thing over his head had it for 30 years too ! Bang !! I says -- NI FUCK AFF ! I towl ya once ya stupid cunt FUCk AFF - he started mouthin ! So Pete ran over him in the car ! Fuck em ! Basdad - shoutin shite da me -- FUCk AFF ya basdad take fuckin dean Martin with ya ! Hate basdads
by The boom October 30, 2013
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