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In the spring, the trees let out a lot of pollen in hopes that one might pollinate another tree, thus fertilizing and making a new baby tree.
by CelestineVI March 24, 2014
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1) Particles given off by blooming plants that, in high amounts, can be visible on standing objects. Pollen tends to have a yellowish color.
2) Something that many people are allergic to. Most people suffer from itchy eyes, raw throat, runny nose, suffy nose, and/or headaches. Keep in mind that pollen can also cause sneezing in people who may or may not be allergic to pollen. This type of allergy is often called a seasonal allergy.
3) A person allergic to pollen may not want to live in the Atlanta, Georgia area because there's SO MUCH MOTHER FUCKING POLLEN!
4) Number 2 on my shit-list...yes I have a shit-list.
1) >Hey Joe, did you see all the pollen on my car?
>No because my allergies have blinded me.
2) >Rick, did you happen to see how high the pollen level is today?
>No, because in Atlanta, there's always very high pollen levels in the *achooooo* spring.
4)>Dick, did you read my updated shit-list?
>Yeah I notest that you put Barrack Obama in front of Dick Cheney
>That moves pollen into the number 3 spot, in front of Barney and Michael Moore.
by bobalicous18 April 02, 2009
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A strong block type weed- usually copressed buds or high quality resin. All very, very good.
"If you really really want me to spend my last 20 on 'this', - I will"
by Big Tommy P March 26, 2003
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Pollen (noun) means the latest news or gossip about Beyonce.

It is usually only considered "pollen" when it is collected by a member of the "Beyhive", also known as a HoneyBeys, KillerBeys, or BumbleBeys. If collected by someone else, it can be simply considered news.

This news does not simply mean it must always include Beyonce directly. For example: it can be about another celebrity that talked about her, positively or negatively.
HoneyBey 1 - Girl, did you collect your daily dose of pollen?

HoneyBey 2 - You already know I went to her site and got caught up quick! I can't believe that Keri Hilson went and said "I wouldn't have lipped-synced" on Twitter!

HoneyBey 1 - She's saying she got hacked now though, lying ass. She knows damn well she typed that herself, everyone knows she's been trying to come at the Queen since day 1.

HoneyBey 3 - Then did you hear that lame ass speech she gave about people believing everything they read?

HoneyBey 2 - It's just a sad ploy to cover her ass.

Basic Bitch 2 (Keri Hilson being "Basic Bitch 1") - Well, in my opinion, Beyonce will be thrilled to hear what she had to say. Bey might learn a thing or two from her.

HoneyBey 1 - Actually, you might be right. We'll first have to inform her what a "Keri Hilson" is beforehand, however.

***NOTE*** Were the lines of Bitch 2 ever said in an actual conversation with a HoneyBey, it would have ended much more violently.
by BumbleBey February 08, 2013
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Pollen is a word wrongly used by pot smoking noobs for a medium grade of cannabis made using the Lebanese process.
The active ingredient in cannabis is THC which is only produced by the female plant where as 'Pollen' is produced by the male plant and contains no active cannabinoids.So smoking the pollen from a male plant does NOTHING. The correct word is pollum which is general name given to any hashish made using the Lebanese process.
"look you idiot i told you before ... you can get stoned off a male plant!"
"...but you get pollen off a male plant."
"thats pollen not pollum. You cant get stoned off that!"
"...well im going to try it anyway"
"..whatever retard"
by dave rave September 16, 2006
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The fine crystals that fall out of marijuanna when it is left in a container and shaken. You can buy crystal catchers which advertise mesh screens for catching crystals which can be turned into pollen by rubbing the crystals on the mesh screen. Pollen is usually collected in a catcher and pressed or sprinkled over a joint. It is smooth to smoke and has a more concentrated THC amount.
My grinder has four compartments, one of which is a pollen catcher.
by Toodles of Tiff July 16, 2006
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