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A private school where men from all around the Richmond area can come and celebrate being boys for another four years before they hopefully matriculate into a college/university where both genders attend except maybe HSC. Benedictine High School is a place where their students learn about the military and other standard subjects in a less than strict environment. As far as entertainment goes, the students and their provided partners in crime (the gertie girls down the street) come up with their own fun. Often hated by other males, they tend to fight when conflict arises especially in the party setting where alcohol is present. But in the end graduate as fine lovable gentlemen, and lets just be honest here... EVERYONE loves a man in uniform.
we are CADETS for life
by I love Richmond April 24, 2005
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We are the shit. We party harder and longer than any other school. We are an all boys school, but we pull more pussy than any other school. St. Chris sucks. we will always be better than them along with any other all guy school. We can beat anyones ass that tries to step to us. We are not in the VIP because we arent fucking queers. Anybody that has gone to benedictine is a cadet for life and will bleed green til the day they die....We are the best thing that could happen to the city of richmond
st. chris kid #1: those BHS kids are pretty cool
st. chris kid #2: yea i no i wish we could be as cool as them
st. chris kid #1: yea but we cant because we are extremely gay
st. chris kid #2: how are we even having this convo with all this nut on our face
by john doe April 19, 2005
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This school takes it in the ass like a European prostitute. Most of the boys (not men, boys) at this "school" are juvenile delinquents who couldn't cut it at their respective public schools. They endlessly put down St. Christopher's because in their wildest dreams they wish they could be Saints and have all the wealth, prestige, and social standing that goes along with being a St. Christopher's alumni. They talk about how sissy the MEN at St. Christopher's are, and yet STC has kicked their ass in football in back-to-back years. Eventually, these Cadets will matriculate to a community college where they can acquire the skills necessary to work for a Saint one day.
Cadet 1: Look at that Saint, man I wish I could be like him.
Cadet 2: Yeah, if we weren't such screw ups maybe we could have gone to STC.
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