Term used exclusively in Minnesota because they think they are Canadian, but truly are not.

Term refers to the English word "Fag" , but with a
Minnesota accent
Emmett is a Feg, he indulges in run hockey.
He wants it in the butt...
by MicroKnight July 08, 2009
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the ulster expression for a cigarette. a linguistic corruption of the word fag.

in craigavon the phrase "gis a feg" is widely used by the younger populace as an alternate greeting.
person 1:"gis a feg wee lad"
person 2:"i dont have any"(shock)
by Kunstable January 03, 2007
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- noun
Future English Graduate. A person who is pursuing a degree which will be about as useful as a used piece of toilet paper after a particularly fiery curry. Engaging in conversation with these people will result in a sudden and extreme urge to end ones life due to the intellectually sapping nature of the discussion.
"Oh look at that girl licking that bus stop over there, she's a proper FEG"

"Why is that FEG using a fork to eat soup?"
by mysterio man March 08, 2013
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Feg- Noun- A generally unattractive, pale-skinned female who has no social life whatsoever. Has tendencies to try to fit in with others, but fails miserably.

Her attitude is always the same, no matter what the situation, and she has the habit of butting into conversations that she was not invited into.

Feg is also a know-it-all who looks to outdo anyone in any academic subject, all the time. She has the annoying habit of always scoring at least one point higher than anyone else on a given assignment, and if -in the rare case- she is not the tip top, to her, it is the end of the world.

Feg also enjoys coasters.

Feg- Verb.- To Feg something up can also mean to totally take the enjoyment and life out of a situation or activity. The action has been known to compromise social lives, and can lead to an early death.
(Used as a Noun)

AntMan: Hey, did you guys see Feg today?
Kriz Kringle: Nein. I don't think She's here...
Oh Brit: Good, now maybe I can take the spotlight for once! Stupid Feg!
Billig: It's official, she's not here today!

(Used as a Verb)

Manbuto: Oops! I totally Fegged up the whole day!
Antman: You sure as shit did! Now none of us feel like doing anything but study for our PSATs.
Huge Jeans: Thanks alot, bitch.
by AntMan_1001 August 22, 2006
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A Hungarian arms manufacturer. FEG stands for Fegyver És Gépgyár which can be roughly translated as "Arms and Machine Factory". The company exported a variety of semi-automatic pistols and rifles such as the FEG PA-63 and is also well known for its copies of the Browning Hi-Power 9mm semi automatic pistol and of the famous AK-47, known as the FEG SA-85. The SA-85 "Thumb-hole stock" variant is very rare but one of the most sought after AKM's.
That FEG SA-85 is a reliable AKM but it is also much more expensive than others.
by jordanlovesimports December 07, 2007
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