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A special white powdery substance that major skanks use on their hairy snatch in order to somewhat control the aggressive spread of crabs.
Example:Cindy was licking Lisa's snatch and commented, "Hey, you don't have too many crabs in your bush today baby" to which Lisa replies, "Shit bitch, I guess that new cunt powder I bought is starting to work"

Cindy found a jar of extra strength cunt powder in her emo girlfriend's medicine cabinet. She asked her butch lez partner, "Why do you have extra strength cunt powder in your cabinet...you don't have that many crabs...?".

Her girlfriend smiled and said..."No, I don't...thanks to Furfag brand extra strength cunt powder, I hardly have any crabs at all."
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
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To have sexual intercourse with a girl who is robo-tripping or to have someone have sex with you while you are robo-tripping.
Bob:Man, check out that skank...she's robo-tripping balls!

Bill:Dude, let's robo fuck the shit out of her!

Bob:Fucking A!
by Kronen V May 07, 2010
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A term used for some poor son of a bitch who finds out that his really hot girlfriend he has been showing off to his friends and family for the last 3 months is in fact a shemale.

Dead penising
A guy who decides to screw his 'girlfriend' anyway after finding out she is in fact a shemale because he realizes that his whole fucking life is over anyway and he might as well get what he can. Usually followed by self castration while listening to some really shitty emo music.
Hey, what happened to Wally?

Hey man, leave him alone...he's just a dead penis now.

Poor bastard! By the blood coming from his groinal area, seems like he did some dead penising.
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
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Noun(1);A martini made with shit instead of Vodka. Made popular by the skanks in the 'two girls one cup' video.

Noun(2);being forced to admit failure despite trying your best is known as having to 'drink a shit martini'.
(1)Lesbian A:That 'two girls one cup' video was so fucking hot. Let's mix us up a nice shit martini.
Lesbian B:I likee, I likee

(2)Man A:I really tried all year to get that promotion, I even let the boss skull fuck me, but I still didn't get it.
Man:Yeah well, enjoy your shit martini you fucking furfag!
by Kronen V May 07, 2010
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When the hair on your balls get all twisted up and knotted and it starts to pull on yourscrotum in a such a manner as to cause discomfort.
Often requires rather obvious pulling of the pants in the testicle area in an attempt to untangle the ball-hair.
Joe:Yo dude, why yo all walking all sketchy and shit?

Bill:Shit man, I got some serious nut knots goin' on, it like my balls be all bein' pulled on and shit.
by Kronen V May 07, 2010
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The act of Satan or higher demon urinating onto a virgin's head or breasts to induce erotic pleasure. Similar to a golden shower, but involving demonicpiss.
When Julie celebrated her 18th birthday, she received an unholy shower from Satan himself.
by Kronen V May 07, 2010
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1.The act of having sexual intercourse with your hellishly cuntish ex-girlfriend in order to get back all your heavy metal CD's that she has been keeping as payback for dumping her sorry ass in the first place.

2.Having sex with Satan in order to acquire some awesome heavy metal CDs that you can't find for sale online.
Sentence(1):Shit man, my fucking ex has all my best metal. I guess It's time for Satan's Fuck.

Joe:Dude! That metal is fucking sweet! Where'd you score that shit!
Mike:Satan's fuck, man. How else?
Joe:Shit man, you sure ain't no furfag you hoopy bastard!
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
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