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A vile, disgusting group of people that dress up and have a weird, sometimes sexual fantasy over animals.
by SpartanAustin45 March 09, 2019
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When someone is that much of a furry they only: fuck , jack off or get hard at the gay furry community.
My friend Conall Riley is an absolute Fur Fag.
by Your F.B.I. Agent June 01, 2018
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Furfag (also known as Furry Fag) is a demeaning term used by Nonfurs and Anti-furries to describe a member of the furry community and/or as a condescending way to "acknowledge" a fur's "presence" during online discussions. Also used between Nonfurs and Anti-furries as an "ultimate insult."
Even though the term contains in it the word "fag" (a derogatory term for "homosexual,") it is not usually intended to imply anything about the target's own sexuality.
Be with with one of your furfag friends. They LOVE dicks AND assholes! <3.
by GNAA Popeye April 05, 2006
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The proper pronunciation of the word furry. The verb form becomes furfaggotry. Can also be used to describe otherkin, which is about all furries to begin with. One of the primary sources of drama on the internets, largely due to the massive egos of the retarded fatasses that think they're purple otters with antlers and dolphin gills fighting against the scrawny fuckerbitches that think they're god damned coyotes wearing baggy jeans with six-pack abs wielding lightsabers for free art from some art whore that got banned from deviantart for posting yiffy porn.

It's important to note that although "furfag" contains the word fag, all furries are furfags, regardless of sexual orientation.
Yiff in hell, furfag!
by roq April 16, 2007
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The term "Furfag" is normally used as the "Ultimate Insult" towards furries by non-furries , but mostly by anti-furries . However, it can also be used within the Furry Fandom between furries as a way of either insulting each other or just to poke fun at each other in a joking way.

Furfag is the combination of the words "Furry" and " Faggot ," therefore the original (and correct) definition of a Furfag is just a Furry who is gay, bi or in some cases transgender. Although this is the correct definition of a furfag, as of recently it could also be used to describe a furry who is into either Zoophilia or Yiff . But nowadays it is mostly just used as an insult towards furries in general.

Note that some furries also tend to use the term jokingly towards themselves or each other as with the more recent insult " Degenerate ." Most furries use it nowadays as a shorter way of describing themselves as being a furry that is gay.
1. Yiff in hell furfag!
2. No I'm not a weeb, just a furfag
3. (Insert Name) is a furfag, he watches gay Yiff
4. (Insert Name #1) : Are you a straight furry?

(Insert Name #2) : No I'm a furfag
by Jewel Fazbear January 31, 2019
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A word used to hate on Furrys because that person is a Furry Hater. They dont like them and think their gay but in truth they need to get a life because they make it worse but they try to say that their making the internet safe but they are not. They dont like them for unknown resons I guess just to pass time.
Furfags are nice people just misunderstood by Furry Haters who use this word to demean them.
by gorud March 26, 2008
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