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There is regular diarrhea, then of course there is super diarrhea. Satanic diarrhea makes super diarrhea seem a pleasant walk through a pleasant green field of wild flowers.

Super diarrhea often results in needing to buy a whole new wardrobe due to contamination, and 9 out of 10 people who suffer from this affliction end up burning their house down afterward because that shit smell ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Those fortunate enough to make it to appropriate facilities in time, will often times have their anus blown out by at least 4 inches and honestly, even if you're on the toilet, it's somehow going to find it's way onto the walls and ceiling.
Hey man, what happened to Joe? Last week he got a promotion and bought himself a great car and started to fuck a really hot chick. Now he just rolls back and forth in the corner and cries like a common furfag(or emo)

Ya man, he got the Satanic diarrhea last weak, poor bastard.

Oh...I that's why his anus is blown out.

Yes, and now he's going out with a walpurgisnatch bitch.
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
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