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The only thing good about this place is that I met my fiance there and that's it. The place has no culture whatsoever and WILL never be compared to San Fran, NY, LA, Chicago or Philly. There is no greenspace and golf courses don't count. No mass transit. No skyscrapers. No geography at all. No water. No shoreline. NO lakes. No rivers. Nothing. Unbearable heat for 6 months at a time. And severe air pollution. The place may be growing fast but sucks nonetheless. It's just horrible and is nothing but a giant suburb.
The only good thing about Phoenix is that my fiance is there.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com September 26, 2007
Infatuation almost can equate to lust. It is NOT love nor being in-love, however both usually start off as an infatuation. Infatuation is only an attraction for another person based only on what you initially see and not what you know about them. You do NOT know that person yet. It is only an attraction to someone based on what you WANT them to be verses who they really are. Infatuation turns to true love or being "in love" when you have accepted that person for who they are: their background, their weaknesses, their strengths, their character, their spirit, their values, their spirituality, where they are going in life, etc.

To prove the difference between infatuation and love is this: infatuation is what leads to the wedding but it is love that begins when the honeymoon is over and you discover the TRUE person you have married after your disagreements.
Infatuation has N OTHING to do with love because you know hardly anything about that person. It's only a form of immiature "puppy love" that occurs in high school. Infatuation does not last, while love does.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 16, 2007
The best city in America and my “second home town!!” America’s 3rd largest urban area with almost 10 million people in 3 states (Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin) along the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. It is a very large metro area that may not be as big as New York or Los Angeles, but is America’s largest inland city and more metropolitan in profile than the latter (at least Chicago has cleaner air and adequate public transportation unlike L.A.). Its most common nickname, “the windy city” actually has nothing to do with meteorology. Although windy (especially during its frigid winters when winds come off Lake Michigan), it stems from its boasting politicians in the 1800s during the world’s fair about the city’s greatness, which it no doubt has. It is the cultural, commercial and transportation center of the Midwest and is a very diverse city with a lot to offer: beaches, a huge lakefront, arts, museums, culture, shopping along Michigan Avenue, awesome architecture (the Sears Tower is among the tallest buildings in the world and the city is building the Chicago Spire, which will surpass Sears as the tallest building in the U.S.), Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, the Gold Coast Dog and one of the world’s busiest airports. The Chicago Metropolitan area contains over half of Illinois’ state population. Not surprisingly, Chicago has so many things to see and do: Navy Pier, shopping along Michigan Avenue, going to a ball game, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Brookfield Zoo, go swimming in polluted Lake Michigan (unless it’s the middle of a frigid winter) or going to Lake Geneva for the weekend. The worst thing about Chicago may be its gang problem (who doesn’t have gangs?) and extreme climate: hot and humid summers and frigid winters. Just try exposing yourself to the winds of Lake Michigan in January. If climate is the worst thing about Chicago then I’d say things are pretty good. New York can go screw itself. New Yorkers are fake and Chicagoans are real. Chicago over New York any day.
Chicago is the best large city in America!!
by krock1dk@yahoo.com September 4, 2007
Forget New Nork. Chicago is better! It has everything New York does (including a a large Stock Exchange) except with friendlier people and a more affordable cost of living. Chicago has anything and everything: a better location in the center of the country, culture, quisine (like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and the Gold Coast Dog), education, mass transit, enormous lakefront, an IVY league university, architecture (Chicago has America's tallest building while New York does not), China Town, shopping- especially on Michigan Avenue, sports teams (dont forget 'da Bears!), the world's 2nd busiest airport, the Chicago Symphony, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium, the Art Institute and dont forget numerous jobs of all types. Chicago may only be one-third the size of New York but it can kiss Chicago's ass.
Chicago is probably the best major city in the country! Go to hell New York!
by krock1dk@yahoo.com October 1, 2007
A person's general disposition and who they are as a person including the way they act, the way the think, the way they feel, and the values they hold.
His personality is horrible. He is angry, bitter and jealous, and always holds grudges against people that offend him.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com May 23, 2008
One of the best movies of all time. Directed by John Avildsen, this 1984 drama centers around a displaced youth who seeks self-defense training from an aged maintenance man named Mister Miyagi to defend himself in a Karate Tournament against a San Fernando Valley biker gang. Most of the movie was made on location throughout the San Fernando Valley in 1983.
The Karate Kid is one of the most well-known dramas of the 1980s.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com September 3, 2007