from the Oxford English Dictionary: oick, oik (OIk). slang. Etym. obscure. Depreciatory schoolboy word for a member of another school; an unpopular or disliked fellow-pupil. Also gen., an obnoxious or unpleasant person; in weakened senses, a 'nit-wit', a 'clot'. Hence 'oikish a., unpleasant, crude; 'oickman (see quot. 1925).
1925 Dict. Bootham Slang, Hoick,.. spit. Oick,.. to spit; abbreviated form of 'oickman'. Oickman,..labourer, shopkeeper, etc.; also a disparaging term. 1933 A. G. Macdonell England, their England vi. 95 Those privately educated oicks are a pretty grisly set of oicks. Grocers' sons and oicks and what not. 1935 'N. Blake' Question of Proof x. 189 Smithers is such an oick. 1940 M. Marples Public School Slang 31 Oik, hoik: very widely used and of some age; at Cheltenham (1897) it meant simply a working man, but at Christ's Hospital (1885) it implied someone who spoke Cockney, and at Bootham (1925) someone who spoke with a Yorkshire accent. 1940 M. Dickens Mariana iv. 109 The old Oik mentioned it over a couple of whiskeys. 1946 G. Hackforth-Jones Sixteen Bells 260 Come to think of it he must have been a bit of an oik when he worked at Bullingham & Messer. That crack about long hair was well merited. 1957 F. King Widow i. v. 63 He and Cooper had fought a battle with three 'oiks'—this was apparently school slang for the boys of the town. 1958 B. Goolden Ships of Youth vii. 162, I only need my cap on back to front to look the complete oick. 1959 W. Camp Ruling Passion xvi. 126 Who's that incredibly uncouth and oikish man? 1966 'K. Nicholson' Hook, Line & Sinker viii. 95 So glad you got here before the oicks. 1968 Melody Maker 30 Nov. 24/5 Old Stinks from the third stream said: 'I say you oik, the Beach Boys latest is fab gear.' 1975 Listener 16 Jan. 83/1 The rigmarole about the flat was patent set-dressing, just to impress us oiks. 1975 Times 7 Aug. 7/7 His sc. Oswald Mosley's angels, a gang of gullible and bloodthirsty oiks.. would come pretty far down the roster of hell's legions.
by James Keating March 11, 2004
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A mildly derisory term, generally used by college students, for one who is still in school. More specifically, one who still has to wear a school uniform.
I was on my way to see my homies when this oik comes up and asks me to buy him some booze.
by Rhodoferax May 3, 2010
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British slang for "only income, kids" or "own income, kids". A person with children but no partner. See also oink, dik, dink
Sara has been working as a nanny for an oik in Hyde Park.
by Peter February 18, 2004
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Abbreviation for "only I know".
hint for password recovery "oik"... only i know...
by kenfu September 11, 2006
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A mixture of "Ok" and "Oink", used in some small areas to passive-aggressively insult one another
Human1: I don't agree with you

Human2: oik
by BossKnight July 17, 2021
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Phonetical pronounciation of "oic" which is shorthand for "Oh I See"
Chris: You are wrong, the binary value for Tsugaru is 01010100011100110111010101100111011000010111001001110101
Aaron: oik
by kaerfRDD May 26, 2004
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A very awesome Minecraft YouTuber and editor who hasnt uploaded in centuries but still gains subs for no reason.
by your bedside table July 25, 2022
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