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The town of Fond du Lac, WI, is midsized at about 42,000 residents. Located at the southern tip of Lake Winnebago, the city is midway between Green Bay and Milwaukee in the Fox River Valley.

Its name French for "Foot of the Lake," Fond du Lac might be better described as "Armpit of the Midwest." The modest, weathered lighthouse (which serves also as the town's symbol) at the town's Lakeside Park stands as a metaphor for the time-worn, antiquated value system that largely drives Fond du Lac's people and politics.

The city's primary news source is The Fond du Lac Reporter, a publication comprising part-time housewives turned reporters and news stories as bland as its readers. With headlines frequently no more intriguing than "It Snowed. A Lot," it is no wonder Fond du Lac's citizens have taken to entertaining themselves with hearty helpings of Bill O'Reilly and liver crushing volumes of alcohol.

At the end of the day, Fond du Lac stands not only as a champion of the mediocre and non-questioning, but also as a haven for rednecks, third rate thugs and nicotine stained bottle blondes. The few acceptions to the FDL rule stand out as brave warriors fighting in a losing battle against crack addled pizza delivery persons, alcoholic schoolteachers and men who choose to wear their No Fear t-shirts tucked in, thank you very much.

So for your next vacation, consider Fond du Lac, WI, where our motto is "Hey, at least we're not Sheboygan."
"Where did you get arrested last night?"

"Fond du Lac."
by Johnny Sparkle August 18, 2006
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A girl from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Primarily a native..she was born and raised in Fond du lac. You can spot a Fond du lac girl by her bad hair, bad clothes, bad makeup. She looks 10-15 years older than what she really is due to cigarettes and alcohol. Her idea of a good time is going to Dillingers on Main Street and dancing to severely outdated music all while thinking she is hot shit. Fond du Lac girls like to date men with mullets, no fear gear and every now and then members only jackets. Considered to be the utmost insult.
Big City Girl: "There is a lot of 80's hair here and the place smells like Jean Nate, this place is loaded with Fond du Lac girls"

by SarahN March 10, 2007
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Meets all requirements of a fond du lac girl. Additionally travels in a group of no fewer than four males looking for some action from said girl.
Pablo: "Yo, you see that ho over there grinding up on those 4 dudes?"
James: "Yeah, stay away from that, she's a gang bang fond du lac girl."
by darkluigi June 22, 2011
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