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Any social gathering where the male:female attendance ratio is disappointingly high. See also: "sausage fest."
We bugged out of Carl's place early--it was totally Johnsonville over there.
by JustMC August 23, 2016
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A large crap, usually pinkish and white in colour, similar attributes often found in uncooked sausages. Can occur after over-eating food of the same colour, such as candy canes.
Bill: "The guy before me left a real Johnsonville in the toilet"

Frank: "Disgusting!"
by ikilleddisco March 19, 2010
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Not to be confused with America’s favorite bratwurst, Johnsonville, is a place where family and friends can get together, let loose and have a good time!

The name Johnsonville debuted in the early 90’s by the then Monroe Boys & Girls Club director. It was later referenced by THE wedding DJ while partying at Johnsonville during an impromptu speech. The name was a hit and ended up resonating with the friends and family in attendance.

Johnsonville hosts casino nights, weddings, Super Bowl parties, World Cup finales and also makes a difference by participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

Johnsonville can also be a collection of people with the last name Johnson all in one place at the same time.
When you’re at Johnsonville, you’re at home.

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles", that's a Johnsonville classic!
by K-Daddy1004 May 25, 2012
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A sausage fest. A gathering with too many men and no women.
Overzealous Hipster 1: Great block party, eh? Cold beers, burgers on the grill, Buffet bumpin in the background...
Overzealous Hipster 2: Yeah bro, but where did the chicks fly off to? This patio just became extreme Johnsonville.
by Babbo June 19, 2008
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1) Any "get together" of human primates where alcohol is involved, and there is a nearly complete lack of female human primates.

2) More generally, a social gathering that the person using the term does or did not find pleasurable.
This expression was conceived on the patio of a bar in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada called "Cactus Pete's". A friend of the inventor's commented that this bar sucked, and why did we always go there? The inventor of the word (henceforth referred to as me), exclaimed, "Yeah, this place is a sausage fest. No, wait, it's worse. This is, like, a sausage factory, where they manufacture the meatiest and juiciest sausages, like Johnsonville Brauts!...This place is fucking Johnsonville!"
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
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