34 definition by krista

beautiful; pretty
Look at that painting! it's so perdiful!
by krista November 07, 2002

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The poop of a mammel that has hoofs, the males have antlers, and belongs to the family Cervidae.
My dog eats deer poof.
by Krista November 30, 2004

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Newsmedia Corperation in Chicago.
1. I checked the MAISNER yesterday for the Cubs score...
by Krista November 14, 2004

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Another word for gynecologist, often used by immature teenage girls.
Betney seemed almost pleased with her visit to the cooter doctor: Reallythoughseriously, it was bad at all!"
by Krista July 14, 2004

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A Person who is addicted to Alcohol Weed and Crack All at once
Person One: Wow I saw Boris last weekend at that keg party, he has turned into such an alowack
Person Two: My aunt is an Alowack!
Person Three: What is an Alowack?
Person One: A person who does alcohol, weed and crack
Person Three: I guess that makes me an Alowack
by Krista February 23, 2004

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Haha! I just amde this word up!
"BEEPLEDUNG! What the fuck...."
by Krista November 18, 2003

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ask me a question
You wanna know my name? shoot!
by Krista January 20, 2003

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