22 definitions by kris takahashi

An end of the world scenario so horrific that the word armageddon does not suffice.
Not even Bruce Willis can stop Double Armageddon.
by kris takahashi December 22, 2008
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a police officer who strictly abides by the letter of the law
For a fundamentalist cop, a car going 27 in a 25 mph zone warrants a ticket.
by kris takahashi December 31, 2009
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Reoccurring stress caused by frivolous drama(PDSD), as opposed to a real traumatic event(PTSD).
Sally's headache is a symptom of post-dramatic stress disorder, resulting from a big fight with Jane over which vampire is the cutest.
by kris takahashi November 24, 2010
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If hipsterism is a rejection of classical fashion and preppy coolness, posthipsterism is an attempt to escape the dichotomy of geeks and jocks, shaggy hair and clean cut, cheerleader and vegan, guitar playing douchebag and captain of the football team.

Posthipsterism rejects the idea of a cultural truth, that things are inherently fashionable. The posthipster knows that everything is relative, that admitting you like a blockbuster movie can be every bit as brave and original as knowing the latest underground indie flick.

The posthipster believes creativity is not limited to a certain subgroup. The posthipster does not define himself by how he is different than the mainstream, but is guided by his individual tastes; he might have a playlist that features both top 10 music and obscure bands; he will not discriminate against fast food or chain stores, nor will he attach a romantic idea to thrift shops and mom and pop places. He might enjoy football on sunday afternoon and read a novel at night. Everything is judged by its own merit, and that judgment is entirely subjective.
Posthipsterism and Poshipsterist theory suggest that culturally there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure; pretending to not like something because you're worried it's too mainstream is just hipster bullshit.
by kris takahashi April 13, 2010
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the recall of an individual who edits their own memories in order to enhance their own reputation or repress an undesirable truth.
that guy has a photogenic memory. there's no way those dogs he use to date were chicks.
by kris takahashi December 26, 2007
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one who uses antipathy towards gay marriage for political or monetary gain.
despite being a raging homosexual, many politicians must become queermongers in order to get elected by an intolerant public.
by kris takahashi December 10, 2007
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1. the gradually transformation of an idea as it drifts off to different continents.

2. the separating or merging of the human consciousness.
The way Japanese and European hip hop differ from its American origins is an example of contimental drift.
by kris takahashi April 24, 2009
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