Well we're not dating and I don't want anybody to know we are hooking up so, you could just say we are cordial. .....

Girl: what are we????
Boy: eh were cordial.
by itsbritneybish May 12, 2019
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A cheap form of juice.
Usually comes in sachets or in concentrate form.
Cordial is a good way to save money if you're planning to buy juice for a huge group.
Yo gran, can you make me some cordial?
by darkmyst August 31, 2005
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Nickname for vodka, used to talk about it infront of parents and others so people don't know what it is.
Hey briana you bringing the cordial tonight?
by Jadice August 11, 2010
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A relaxed, casual, medicinal-like drink. One that is accompanied by a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Usually a beer in a sit-down venue. A venue that is NOT associated with sports, loud music or dancing.
- You wanna go for a drink?

- Yea I could go for a cordial

- I'll meet you at the pub in 10.
by is this is February 20, 2010
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1. A cordial is a type of candy, in which a fruit filling is placed within a chocolate shell. A well known confectionery of this type is the cherry cordial.

2. A cordial is any invigorating and stimulating preparation; e.g., peppermint cordial. The term derives from obsolete medicinal usage, as various beverages were concocted which were believed to be beneficial to one's health, especially for the heart (cordialis in Latin).

From the Renaissance onwards, cordials were usually based on alcohol in which certain herbs, spices or other ingredients were allowed to steep. Examples of such cordials include:

Rosa Solis or Rosolio, derived from the carnivorous sundew plant; it was believed to not only invigorate the heart, but to be an aphrodisiac as well.
Royal Usquebaugh (from a Celtic word meaning life-water, which also gave rise to the word whiskey), a spicy concoction containing flecks of gold leaf thought to capture the sun's golden radiance.
Precious ingredients like gold, pearls and coral were sometimes added. These were believed to revive the spirit and to preclude disease.

Cordials became more and more frequently consumed recreationally as time progressed, eventually evolving into liqueurs.

In the UK cordials are often added to a measure of alcohol to make a "Rum and Black" (Rum with blackcurrant cordial added), "Rum and Pep" (Rum and peppermint cordial), Gin and orange, Vodka and lime, etc.

3. A very sweet, fruit-flavored drink made by adding cordial syrup to water. Sweeter than Kool-Aid, red cordial especially has a reputation for creating a "sugar high"
Shyanne: Hey, Zach, can you make me some cherry cordial?

Zach: Sure.
by Iloverosessomuch October 20, 2008
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An incredible Australian musical duo
Lime Cordiale - look them up
by ThatLittyKidd May 18, 2020
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A satiric term for a man who displays certain characteristics of class and elegance, but chooses often to act rude and distasteful, often in front of large groups of people.

Most of these people are hairy beer-drinking slugs who sit and listen to bad hair metal and watch re-runs of Cheers all day.

The term was coined by the Minnesota rock band Silent Are The Dead, on their album "Guns, Guts, and Glory" and has become an important part of the mid-western lexicon ever since.
"Look at those drunk assholes over there, some cordial gentlemen they are."
by MeaningInTragedy05 February 23, 2009
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