22 definition by kris takahashi

1. the gradually transformation of an idea as it drifts off to different continents.

2. the separating or merging of the human consciousness.
The way Japanese and European hip hop differ from its American origins is an example of contimental drift.
by kris takahashi April 24, 2009

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The correct spelling of wrong.
I'm not wrond, the dictionary is.
by kris takahashi July 10, 2017

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1. A diplomat or diplomacy technique used to broker peace for rap wars or hip hop beefs

2. The name of a future rapper
DiploMC would have helped Tupac and Biggie settle their differences through peaceful negotiations and the exchange of liquor and floozies.
by kris takahashi February 07, 2011

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An end of the world scenario so horrific that the word armageddon does not suffice.
Not even Bruce Willis can stop Double Armageddon.
by kris takahashi December 22, 2008

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A statement that does not stimulate thought or interest, but simply stimulates
Bill: Do you think God is a woman, and if so, does she have great tits?
George: Wow Bill, that is a really dirty thought-provoking question.
by kris takahashi January 18, 2012

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one who uses antipathy towards gay marriage for political or monetary gain.
despite being a raging homosexual, many politicians must become queermongers in order to get elected by an intolerant public.
by kris takahashi December 10, 2007

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The sexual organ that is the decision maker for men.
For men, all thoughts are legislated from the balls up, through the executive branch(aka penis) where it is signed into action, with only the brain left to sort out if that action was unconstitutional.
by kris takahashi April 22, 2010

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