7 definitions by krazy_kookoo!!!

the best sitcom ever! just the best show ever. favourite. love it.
by krazy_kookoo!!! May 22, 2021
The cutest gecko ever (not entirely true but very cute), they will make your heart melt!)
I am so glad I'm getting a barking gecko for xmas they are so cute!
by krazy_kookoo!!! December 8, 2020
A dictionary full of random definitions that are not always accurate
I put a stupid definition that I don't even know what means in the Urban Dictionary!
by krazy_kookoo!!! November 29, 2020
a connection you feel with someone that feels like it is meant to be. Something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
by krazy_kookoo!!! July 29, 2020
Your mother, a person in your life you don't know what you'd do without. Even if you're mad you still love her. She is always there for you and will do anything for you.
My mum is the most spectacular person on Earth.
by krazy_kookoo!!! January 10, 2021