Vladdy Daddy is the nickname of Vladimir Putin, which is trending around tiktok right now, bc of the war that might happen between Russia and Ukraine, and if that happens world war 3 will also start, and gen a is now trying to tell Vladimir on his instragam he should stop the war, and calls him vladdy daddy, gen z wants the war to stop bc of different reasons, but mainly: war was so last year
Gen z also see Vladimir as their new god and father figure, and tells him that he’s not himself, and he should calm down and that they can change him bc they are not like the others.
Vladdy Daddy you’re not yourself when you’re hungry🥺🥺
War was so last year Vladdy Daddy😒
Look at me Vladdy Daddy… this isn’t you🥺

Another form of making jokes about the war is also:

“First war kinda nervous🥺🥺”
Europeans after the war: ( shows a video of dancing skeletons )
by Faz-Ballz February 1, 2022
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Vladdy Daddy = Vladimir Putins' real name.
"Don't do this Vladdy Daddy"
"Give it to me Vladdy Daddy"
by VladdyDaddysChild March 1, 2022
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Nicknames for The Sims 4Vladislaus Straud” from the Vampire Expansion Pack and Vladimir Putin
- Vladdy Daddy keeps showing up at my door!

- pls no invade Vladdy daddy
by Brxtea January 15, 2023
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A meme-pseudonym for russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, that is often used in a typically satirical and tounge-in-cheek manner to plead with Putin to cease the current military invasion of Ukraine.

The "Daddy" part of the meme-pseudonym jokingly implies Putin is having a sexual relationship with the person who is addressing Putin by this name, and is simultaenously implying Putin is a sexual deviant who has a "Daddy" fetish. In said fetish, it should be noted that there is a prominent element of control and dominance. This in turn pokes fun at the fact that in real life, it is clear Putin has an incessant desire for controlling his own populace and other nations, through military invasion as can be seen in the Ukraine situation, and through economic means.
Random dude on TikTok: owo wats dis?? 😳 Vladdy Daddy r u invading ukraine?!?! 🥺🥺 noooo plsss Vladdy Daddy dont invade us, ill be ur good little kwitten!!! owo hehe😍🤪😩
by Samueliscool223 March 2, 2022
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A sexy Russian man who likes waging war on innocent people, but he’s sexy lol
“Mmmm Vladdy Daddy don’t invade others, this isn’t you daddy. Let me be ur discord kitten daddy.
by March 1, 2022
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He drives one deep to center, and that ball is GONE! What a shot by Vladdy Daddy!
by jpbn August 31, 2006
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A person that people try to talk out of war by being sweet to him. His full name being Vladimir Putin.
🥰😘💋vladdy daddy this isn’t you🥺🥺
by Ora ultz March 4, 2022
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