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Someone who consistently marks or scores lowers than those around him (or her), and saves their '10s' or perfect scores for very rare occasions.
Ref: Craig Revel Horwood, a judge on the popular UK TV show, 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
He said my report could have been better written, but I think he was just being a bit of a Craig.
by kerfoofle November 24, 2010
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Ironic, a non-party which develops in virtual worlds when avatars are thrown awkwardly together at random due to being redirected to a hub site during a teleport malfunction.
I was trying to teleport up to my skybox and I wound up at a crash party with three giant lizards and a naked gnome.
by kerfoofle November 7, 2010
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A bottom, rear-end, arse, ass which has drooped over time.
The tattoo on her grannyarse was so stretched out of shape that is could only be read by someone with lemon shaped corneas
by kerfoofle November 4, 2010
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Someone who who buys the latest gadget/software then posts a speedily written (or filmed) review of the product simply in order to look cool to his or her geek friends.
"Joe1978 is such a geeksumer, he hadn't even taken the wrapper off before he filmed his 'in-depth review'
by kerfoofle November 4, 2010
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Hitting the 'share with social network' button when you meant to hit something completely different.
I was just zooming in to see the hideous floral embroidery on a pair of over sized granny knickers and wondering who on earth would buy such an item, when I accidently made a hideous share blip.
by kerfoofle March 23, 2011
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Alternative to machinimator most often used by Second Life film makers.
Derived from Machinima and cinematography
A person who makes machinima movies.
Insertyourownnamehere is such a wonderful machinimatographer, she has won many awards and has many fans.
by kerfoofle November 7, 2010
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A person who make machinima movies.

This is the most common current usage, however historically, machinimist was popular, and the word machinimatographer is more likely to be used for second life machinimators
Machinimators use a variety of games engines and specialist tools to create their films.
by kerfoofle November 7, 2010
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