26 definition by kelsey

a sometimes bitchy sister that is buff and short and trendy
complains about too much leg muscle AND her clothes don't match
by Kelsey February 27, 2003

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to fuck someone!
a.k.a. wild sex
"Okay kids, there better be a lot of bucking going on tonight"
by Kelsey June 21, 2005

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The smell of your legs after being bathed in country water that smells like eggs.
Whoa, who farted, o its just the eggleggs.
by Kelsey December 03, 2004

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a small, and witty tennis player. He's of a family from china. He is my buddy, and despite my buddiness towards him, i can't help but laugh at him, i can't understand if it's what he's wearing or all the fun times we've had, to pull a "jurgon" would be to do something totaly stupid, and totaly black. such things could include: walking like a penguin, eating eggs with soysauce, and eating xbox games---don't ask ;)
laura: "hey how are u"
me: "good, i want to cover my car in hellokitty stickers."
laura: "OMG, ur dumb, such jurgon muck."
by kelsey November 30, 2004

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diarrhea or shitting because of something you ate.
ohh man, those fries gave me the blatts...
by kelsey June 07, 2004

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A slimy substance within your nose that is made up of silly little germs. When you sneeze the "boogers" come out and u look at them and say ewwwww....gross!!
My boogers a big and hairy.
by Kelsey March 13, 2004

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fuck 'the difference is the letter U'
seen in almost famous
by kelsey April 05, 2005

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