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1) refers to a person who is (or wants to be) an internet personality or "celebrity."

2) someone who craves their 15 minutes so they spend far to much time on popular internet sites posting photographs and/or comments on various aspects of their life.
Caitlyn: Would you consider the Nerve bloggers e-lebrities?

Jesse: Definitely not. They are just urban morons.
by katesherlock November 13, 2004
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1) a late morning or early afternoon meal (usually on Saturday or Sunday) at which hipsters and poseurs alike gather at a local hotspot in which they consume more alcohol than food, in an attempt to rid themselves of the previous night's hangover.
I met Sid, Jorden and Becca at Relish for drunch earlier. We each had 4 Bloody Marys. I'm still tanked.
by katesherlock November 05, 2004
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1) refers to a person who spends too much time dating on Nerve.com raher than meeting people in "real life."
2) you can sometimes spot these persons from their "witty" profiles on Nerve.com around town, especially in the Village and on the L train.
Matilda: Juliet (RedPiper72) is a serious Nervester. She went out with HungryLad462, RedPlume71, Chomsky01, ElectricLoins66 and Beatle_Box all last week. too bad she never gets past a second date--much less a first one. Is it because she is impolite and a big drunk...or is her ass just too big? What do ya think?

Glynnis: Her ass is definitely big...but the rest is true as well.

Matilda: Yeah.
by katesherlock November 08, 2004
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1) a nice, aesthetically pleasing pussy.
2) an object which one finds pleasing to the senses
Allison's puss was so lang hai, I could've eaten her all night long.

Kate's shoes are so lang hai, but, Sasha's, on the other hand, are completely chow hai.
by katesherlock November 11, 2004
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1) a person who attends or attended a costly private art school located in (a now upwardly mobile neighbourhood in) Brooklyn, once a society school, but decidedly blue collar since the 1960's.
2) general types who atend Pratt Institute: hipsters, goths, hippies, prats, punks, etc...
I'd really like to head out to that restaurant on Myrtle Ave. It has great food and the prices were so reasonable before all of the useless Prattsters came in on the scene.
by katesherlock November 11, 2004
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a jovial term used to describe a person residing above 125th street who consumes excess alcoholic beverages.
Judd is such an alcoharlem.
by katesherlock November 06, 2004
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1) literally, phonetic chinese slang for stinky pussy.
2) also used to refer to objects which one finds unaesthetically pleasing.
Dieter said that girl he went down on last Thursday had some major chow hai.
That shoe is so chow hai...too bad they don't have my size in the ones that are lang hai.
by katesherlock November 11, 2004
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