"DRUNCH" is the act of drinking and getting day drunk and shwasty between breakfast and lunch. It is quite similar to BRUNCH only it involves the consumption of alcohol rather than food.
1. They were completely day drunk and shwasty before 10:45 AM due their early drunch gathering.

2. "I can't go out drinking after dinner, but I'm free for morning drunch."
by mat-e-kray March 12, 2014
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1) a late morning or early afternoon meal (usually on Saturday or Sunday) at which hipsters and poseurs alike gather at a local hotspot in which they consume more alcohol than food, in an attempt to rid themselves of the previous night's hangover.
I met Sid, Jorden and Becca at Relish for drunch earlier. We each had 4 Bloody Marys. I'm still tanked.
by katesherlock November 6, 2004
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a meal that comes before dinner, but after lunch.
"I'll meet you and Goog for drunch at 4:38pm"
by Chris Gaede August 21, 2005
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Drinking, but not actually drunk. Merely incapable of spelling properly. Also fun because it rhymes with "crunch."
I only had one glass of wine! I'm not drunch! Shit.
by gottabcaught January 30, 2009
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A compound word combining the root words Drinking and Lunch.
Gosh work sucks. lets go to drunch at 1pm. -or- Hey! Let's go to drunch before class! -or - You know what I want? Drunch and a quickie before we go back. -or- Ohhhh, I thnk thaz drunch might've ben jes a 'lil too much... I havin troubles typin my papersworks
by babaganoosh69 February 14, 2011
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Drunk Lunch, when friends gather for lunch and get drunk.

The same "drun-" prefix rule applies to breakfast and dinner:

Drunkfast--drunk breakfast

Drunner--drunk dinner
Tonya and her friends had drunch to celebrate Cortney's birthday.

After partying all night, Kristen enjoyed a drunkfast of beer and Cheerios.

It's been a long week, so I'm going out to drunner with my girlfriends.
by Cheekykrissy May 1, 2009
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Drinking heavily with friends over lunch. Making noon five o'clock. Works best at the end of a hard week.
Girl: Are you done with your Orgo test? That was a total bitch. I'm just ready for the weekend.
Guy: Totally. We should do drunch....
by Scookums October 5, 2007
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