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thehottest guy on the face of the earth he is also the funnest and nicest guy ever if you ever meet one you should probably keep him there even if he's just there to be a friend :) they are always good to have around just 2 cheer you up :)
friend 1:"omg you look happy but you looked so sad earlier wat happened?"

friend 2:"i talked to a person that always makes me laugh"
friend 1:"wats their name?"
friend 1:"tye"
by twist_throttle39 January 20, 2012
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an obnoxious boy who wont stop making bad puns and jokes. he needs to be stopped.
tye: what's a dogs favourite type of pizza?
you: no don't
tye: pup-eroni
you: god damn it, tye.
by ichibau June 09, 2017
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Tye is one who likes to stay up all night on the internet just to crash in the morning and sleep throughout the entire day.
John: "Dude, wake up!"

Matthew: "Naw bro, I can't, I pulled a Tye last night and I've gotta finish it off."

John: "Oh, sorry dude, you shoulda told me."
by tehonlyazns December 08, 2013
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the sweetest most respectful person ever. Drop dead gorgeous , funny, smart. THe kinda guy that makes you feel good about yourself , you cant ever feel bad around this person. duh, obviousley gotta be a sk8ter.
Dude man that was totaly tye of you.

People be tlken smack when they should be acten like tye!
by yogi bear boo too November 28, 2011
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Most retarded person alive, he's usually really annoying. He's short. He thinks he's "cool" but really, he's just a stupid bitch who thinks he's funny, but really he's not

#cripple #retard
person 1: Hey you heard of that new guy?
person 2: No, what's his name?
person 1: Tye
person 2: Ugh! No thanks
by Tye's mom November 19, 2019
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