A derogatory term for a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), especially one that is oversized.
Did you see that Cadillac Urban Assult Vehicle? Someone's got too much money!
by unidyne November 26, 2003
A motorcycle fitted out with tall suspension, knobby tires, handguards, and loud muffler; designed for maneuverability and lanesplitting, it can find parking anywhere.
That DR650 makes a nice urban assault vehicle.
by Timberwoof April 17, 2003
A large customized SUV. They are a stylized version of the security vehicles, used for safely transporting diplomats and officials in dangerous third world countries.
Check out Rob and Big's Urban Assault Vehicle!
by Cool Moldy September 2, 2010
Any Type of Vehicle with Fred Durst, DMX, Redman and Methodman driving in it singing as loud as they can.
Kumar: Dude there's a fucking Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) down the block we should check it out.

Harold: I don't have time man, I've got too much work to take care of due in the office tomorrow.
by neard2000 January 4, 2010
A 2006 Subaru Outback that can go 4 feet deep underwater, carry 6 frag grenades in the cup holder, and withstand the constant gunshots directed at the back bumper
Bro people keep shooting at my back bumper while I’m 3 feet underwater

Ahh chill man, it just means it’s an urban assault vehicle.
by ThyMemethOfGythavil April 1, 2019