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In the naming tradition of GenCon, ConCon is the Republican - or Conservative - Convention.
The delegates at ConCon cheered for the most conservative Republican candidate.
by ka the wordsmythe May 06, 2016

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Women who think it is a feminist platform to bitch about anyone and everything and do as little as possible.
The Beta Bitch insisted on hiring a cleaning lady and nanny because she was online all day, blogging and tweeting about how suppressed she was.
by ka the wordsmythe January 09, 2018

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To become addicted to click and swipe reward reinforcement on social media
The quip went viral, leaving the anonymous poster fully Pavloved, after which he spent even more time on the social media site each day, completely hooked on the virtual attention, looking for more.
by ka the wordsmythe April 16, 2020

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