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The collected rejected, based on the word “anathema.”
The anathelogium was a repository for all rejected works and deeds of Mankind.
by ka the wordsmythe August 20, 2021
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Trend Gen is another name for the Millennial Generation, pointing to their malleability as a consumerist demographic obsessed with trends as status markers and elevators, which has become not only an EZ target for all supply-side industries but, thanks to the Internet and social media in particular, a free advertising machine as well.
Klub Vino (a ficticious entity) is an online wine store that targets the Trend Gen by making all its choices for them, by requiring only that a consumer "likes" the flavor components of any certain wine without requiring any knowledge of the wine - or wine in general - itself.
by ka the wordsmythe May 11, 2017
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Social Media is the Poor Man's Citizen United
Trump's election proves that the masses, thanks to social media and its quick click cumulative effect, have their very own, poor man's Citizen's United.
by ka the wordsmythe November 29, 2016
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The duplicitous posting of images and information intended not to honestly share but to troll for negative commenters in order to attack them.
She deliberately went shame phishing online by posting less than flattering pics of herself and waiting until the inevitable negative comments trickled in, and then boy did she really launch into attacking them back!
by ka the wordsmythe June 3, 2016
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Suffrajet Black, a play on the terms Jet Black and Suffragette, relates to the 21st century Hollywood Feminist-lead wearing of black garments to indicate solidarity with the #MeToo movement.
The 2017 red carpet scene was notable for its stars , who dressed all in Suffrajet Black to signify their solidarity with the #metoo movement.
by ka the wordsmythe February 11, 2018
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Partnership Paradigm
The Partnership Paradigm acknowledges the positive economies of scale of committed relationships: As in business, the sum is greater than its parts & more efficiently executed when complementary skills/contributions & shared endeavors & pleasures are combined for optimized results & satisfaction for each member of the couple, & for the couple itself.
by ka the wordsmythe June 21, 2019
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To become addicted to click and swipe reward reinforcement on social media
The quip went viral, leaving the anonymous poster fully Pavloved, after which he spent even more time on the social media site each day, completely hooked on the virtual attention, looking for more.
by ka the wordsmythe April 16, 2020
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