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24 definitions by justanothervictimoftheghetto

The 'redneck' slang term for sun tanning
Hey Billy Bob, lets git sum beer at the gettin' place and then head down ta tha trailer park ta do sum sun gettin'
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A Call of Duty addict who links everything to Call of Duty, just as a pervert links everything to sex. If someting even barely relates to Call of Duty, the codvert will immidiately pick it out of the conversation and relate it to the game.
Nancy: So I was sitting at home on valentines day waiting for my husbands valentine care package to co-

codvert: CARE PACKAGE!!!! DUDE!!! She totally just said care package, you doing anything later tonight?
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The lowest possible catagory of pricing known to the human race. Usually consisting of items ranging in price from zero to one dollar.
Daughter: Mommy, can I please have a big mac?

Mother: No honey, it's too expensive, how about a nice small fry and some tap water instead? How does that sound?

Daughter: Damn Mama, yo ass is nigger cheap!
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A game commonly played by whites where a group of Caucasians drive around town in search of an African American. When spotted, one member (not the driver) of the group throws a spoon at the black person yelling the word "NIGGER!" as loud as possible. If said person misses, the driver proceeds to jam on the brakes and the thrower must fetch the spoon and get back in to the car. However if the he/she hits the black person with the spoon, the driver proceeds down the road and it is the next person's turn.
Ron: Hey, me and a few of my friends went nigger spooning last night and it was so fun, Carl missed and a nigger kicked the shit out of him and he was rushed to the hospital after we bailed.
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The act of a man choking a woman between his legs during sexual intercourse while simultaneously ejaculating in to her mouth and creating a "sea" of seamen within.
Dude, I totally gave my girlfriend the Poseidon Chokehold last night and the sea was so deep.
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An African American midget with no arm or legs. Heavily reliant on outside help for even the most simple of tasks.
Hey man, that nugget nigger needs some help pushing a button. I don't know whether to help or just watch it wiggle until it passes out.
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A term used to describe something good that may also be considered "chill" or "dope" or toward anything that one may like or think is very calm and/or fun.
Lax Bro: Dude did you go to that party last night?

Brah: Yeah bro haha, it was hella grown.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto September 7, 2010
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