When you are meatriding someone or sucking up to them.
Kid (To Lebron) : "Hi Lebron oh my god I love you, you are the goat and I love you so much"
Random Spectator : "The glazing is insane"
by tdizzley January 13, 2023
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meat-riding someone extremely hard, but it’s usually praising instead of hate.
me: “jalen green has the nicest hair in the nba, i’m not surprised why so many girls like him”

everyone: “u glazing hard rn
by xumin December 20, 2022
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Another term used when you are on another mans meat
Tyler:bro lebrons my glorious king rn he'e the best

Elijah: You're glazing
by jaqueeez February 27, 2023
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Mostly used by New Yorkers, glazing means when a person is dickriding another person
Person1:That nigga adam got 5 cars 3 houses and 2 wifes. Person2: U glazing bro get off that nigga dick.
by Rezgang November 11, 2022
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Having been covered in sperm.
He glazed the girl's face, then immediately went soft.
by Rick101 October 1, 2005
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A hypocritical freeloading lowlife, who is content with living off of other peoples wealth. And blames everyone else in life for their problems.
Hey willie guess what I'm getting for christmas? "What?" A new private jet from my aunt debbie! Man your acting just like the glazes down the street!

Sorry I got in trouble at school today dad. Those retarded glaze kids blamed me for blowing up the bathroom!
by Red Scrotum's October 25, 2011
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(Adj.) A coating of ejactulate upon a surface.
Nice aim! The fuckin' Wigga did a window glaze again, dude!

Sorry man! I missed my biatch
by D'emon November 13, 2002
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