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little short dude who says "eee"
when mini me runs into the wall..."eeeeeeeeeeeeeee BAM!"
by julia October 28, 2003
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(insult to call someone) baby whose mother's pregnancy was caused by semen leaking out of her anus, into her vagina
so im guessing you were a fecal baby?
by Julia November 26, 2003
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A football term.
When there is an oppostion player behind the payer with the ball, the crowd and other players shout "man on" to warn him of the oppostion player's proximity.
"Campo! man on, man on"
by Julia January 22, 2004
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Swimming costume
"Don't forget your cozzy when we go to the baths."
by Julia January 22, 2004
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Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the popular grunge band Nirvana. He died in 1994, and his reason for death is quite controversial. He's highly respected, mostly by teenage girls who swoon after his looks. He's often referred to as "god" but obviously his "fans" don't know that if he heard them say that he'd probably shit his pants. He didn't want to be the "spokesperson" for the generation, and he didn't even think Nirvana would become so big and widely known.
by Julia March 07, 2005
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A group of men in a rock band, each with an obsenely large mane that is typically wavy and always past the shoulders. The men in the band (most formed in or around 1980) bang their heads so their hair flies all over and they sing rock songs about women and love in multi-part harmony. In addition, it is customary to wear either extremely tight pants or similarly tight stone-washed cut-off jeans when part of a hair band.
Def Leopard, the men of Spinal Tap, Poison, and Twisted Sister were superior hair bands in the 80s.
by Julia July 12, 2004
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Au pairing is living with a foreign family, taking care of the children while the parents are working.
Here the differences as to normal au-pairs: more responsability, clearly defined working hours, social benefits as holidays etc., greater separation of work and private life and more independence as nannies often do not live with the family, higher wages.
by Julia May 15, 2003
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