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Describing words for deflated empty boobs
Her: How do they look?
Him: Leopard
by VeryVisionary July 7, 2023
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The lesbian version of a "cougar". An older lesbian who is attracted to, and attracts a younger lesbian.
Sally is a leopard, she hangs at the local lesbian bar searching for women half her age.
by strandnmem July 29, 2008
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n - A man or woman who is willing to go gay only for certain individuals. Therefore, they are "spotted" instead of a rainbow.
Darry: "Oh man, I'm totally a leopard for Neil Patrick Harris."
by Mu-Beta January 18, 2012
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A general term for any drug that may harm you or not harm you at all, unexpectedly.
Dude I was high and I felt the leopard, it came on so fast.
by joen October 23, 2007
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An older women who's on the hunt for some young stud. Not to be confused with a cougar, smae thing, just these women are fairly older and have spots, hence the term "leopard".
"I took the train last weekend and was attacked by a pack of leopards."

"Dude, did you here what that leopard just said about needing to get a hold of my junk?"
by SoulStimulus October 3, 2008
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an ugly cougar; the opposite of an attractive, older female who desires young men
Kathy is Queen of the Leopards.
by PSU Tailgate Crew February 13, 2010
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