21 definitions by josie

Talk Shit Bitches! A group of females who run their mouthes about anyone and everyone and dont really give a damn!!!!!!!( Gp) life of the party!!!
josie, santina, jenn, mari, danny,
rachel,pebble, bybee, xtina, bird, cyrina,steph..
are "TSB"
by josie December 07, 2004
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a man who steals all of his humor from another place, and claims it as his own
He Twigged his best material from Comedy Central.
by josie January 04, 2005
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1.) Marijuana spelled in reverse.
ususal said by stoners with too much time on their hands.
2.)Something to write in chalk.
"Dude, don't ask me to buy you Anaujiram in front of a teacher!"
"Naw, I wrote it in blood."
by josie May 28, 2005
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President of the United States 2000-2008

Deserves more respect, he did win the popular vote this time around guys.
President George W. Bush may be an idiot, but at least he's not as ass
by josie November 03, 2004
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best god damn band ever, but they are becoming famous i hope they dont become sell outs but they still kick ass
Rufio Rufio Ru-Fi-O!!!
by josie October 09, 2003
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