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My site is more Celestial than yours is.
by JoSiE November 1, 2003
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1. a word used when one simply is not impressed
2. its like jeez.. but with attitude.. JEEAHZ
bob said that my name is gay.. i mean jeeahz
by JoSiE May 14, 2004
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President of the United States 2000-2008

Deserves more respect, he did win the popular vote this time around guys.
President George W. Bush may be an idiot, but at least he's not as ass
by JoSiE November 4, 2004
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the sukiest band in the world. they will never get started. their drummer cant play for shit, she think she can but she aint got the props to play da game wow that was ghetto and the lead singer sounds like a dying monkey. but the guitarist is cool.
by JoSiE October 9, 2003
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Basically, he was Hitler's bitch and he was a pansy.
Mussolini sucked.
by JoSiE March 31, 2004
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a B-E-A-utiful! girl/ friend of josiefoot and crazy cool kid just lookin for excitement! what a babe she is!
i love you nanobutt!! ur the best! kisses! hugs!
by JoSiE February 7, 2004
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