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mix drink consisting vodka, tequila, bacardi rum, everclear, gin with sprite or 7up, guaranteed to get you fucked up.
ive been on that liquid crystal all night
by joshua001 February 26, 2007
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a mixture of all the dark liquors with coke. for instance whisky, brandy, bacardi 151, hennessy, captain morgans rum with coke. tar being the slang for heroine which is dark brown
im gonna drink me some liquid tar all night
by joshua001 February 26, 2007
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one of the worst songs ever, the title itself, explains its gonna be some bubble gum snap/crap music
girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy girl shake that laffy taffy repeat 20 times, and thats the song, oh yeah a bitch sounding mysikal tries to rap sounds like hes crying though, since he has some dumbass lyrics over a casio prebeat.
by joshua001 March 6, 2007
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alright the real definition player, which was originally used when playing the field(where all the females dwell)(having game). not only using the females for sex, with having more than one partner at a time, pretending you like them, just making them feel special, which in return they will break you off(spend money, cook, clean, anything to keep the stable owner happy), but not to be confused as pimp (which is selling them bitches to the street, escort service or whore house, then collect). also a true player even when caught having others, still has the game(skills in telling females what they wanna hear), to have that female comeback and forget about the fact she truly gotten played. a true player would make a girl also feel guilty if she hasnt been satisfying(sexually, financially, material like, even talking to other guys). a true player would have as many females as needed, have 2-3 females helping paying the bills, 4 females who are the best in bed, all that cook well and clean the spot, now thats how its done son. which the ones who envy, try cockblocking(intervening on ones game), whether telling his females that dudes a player or dude is using you, etc. are just a straight player hater.
life in a player(true definition)
in the club scene:

player(josh)-hey whats up girl whats youre name?
girl-christine and you?
josh-my names josh, so tell me something about you?
christine-yacks all night pretend you listen to all of it(but make sure she can cook, has a nice job, how she treats her man)(15-20 mins later), so josh im gonna get me a drink what you want?
josh-some hennessy and coke
christine-alright baby be right back
josh(goes to the bathroom, calls up his other bitches that been blowing up his phone while in the club, to deal with them and set things straight then goes back to the table)
christine-hey heres youre drink
player hater(fred)-damn josh how many girls you gonna talk to?
josh-if you wanted to talk to this female so bad, why didnt you just snatch her up.
fred(tries to tell her how im a big bad player, etc) while josh just chills waiting for a reaction)
christine-arent you going to defend yourself
josh-my friend is just drunk and jealous that im with a beautiful female like yourself, hes just upset that i had the balls to speak to you first
christine-awwww, how sweet, how about another drink, before i leave
josh-sure, how about i walk with you this time
christine-says well im gonna go its getting late, gotta work at the hospital early in the morning(its only 11pm)
josh-it was nice meeting you christine, can i get youre phone number(remember to put it in youre cellphone under her name so you wont forget it, fucking up someones name will ruin it, trust me)(then time to play that same game pattern on the next female whos sitting by her lonesome)
by joshua001 March 9, 2007
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somebody that makes up words and puts it in the urban dictionary, also anyone who would put this language in there every day life.
yo money, hit da celly 2 da trap, conserve da scrilla, fa sheezy, teazy. then put pads of bars in da urban dictionary, since us slangas are trill like dat, keep it paper gangster doggy.
by joshua001 March 4, 2007
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an excellent place to get a meal in the southern states. not as good as popeyes, but better than kfc.
hey whats going on with ya? i remember back in 2004, it only cost 1.99 for a 2 piece meal(wing, leg, biscuit, 2 sides), at mrs winners, why they gotta jack the price up?
by joshua001 March 6, 2007
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this is self-explanatory. the sole purpose of using myspace, is hooking up with the opposite sex, all you need to do is go under browse, search 5-10 miles within youre zip code, in case you have somewhat standards, you can even check the boxes, of size preference, height, racial background, anual income, what shes looking for, relationship status, etc. then when the times right after messaging each other back n forth, knowing what you two are looking for, then it goes on from there
i know a lotta these females on the net are fugly, but that girl lisa made some nice myspace booty, thank you tom(genius behind myspace)
by joshua001 March 8, 2007
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