Casio is a great Japanese watch company. Their watches, which are mostly digital, are known for reliability, and vast features. I guess you could call Casio the Toyota of watches.
Casio makes excellent digital watches.
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
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A japanese adjective meaning "epic".

Other translations include "completely epic" and "astounding".

As a noun means a keyboard capable of producing devastatingly epic tones on a regular basis. Often to an audience of thousands.
I saw the grand canyon and it was truly casio.
by jackrabbitCTOWN April 7, 2011
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messes up goes all digital
Man last night was bad...couldn't get it up...went all casio mate!
by laura gale April 9, 2008
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Used to describe a person place or thing that is associated with the 80s. Flamboyant colors, checkered patterns and music style.
That shirt is so Casio.
by Casiomama September 22, 2019
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The type of scammers to make people buy £75 calculators
Wow that calculator is expensive is Tele no it's Casio
by J.k Donovan September 16, 2020
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when someone goes casio mode it is basically an ascended version of sicko mode but seriously superior. some symptoms of someone going casio mode is tossing casio calculators at the nearest individuals head.
when someone goes casio mode they are subject to superhuman strength and very loud reee's.
there's very few people who have the ability to go casio mode but those who have had lead a path of destruction.
iranian kid : " hah take the L u turkish guy"
turkish kid : " Yeet- take this calculator you normie, REEEEEEEEE"
iranian kid : "oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck he's going casio mode"
by casio mode February 27, 2019
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