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A genre of music that targets 13-21-year-old males who seek a Hard Rock sound, yet still seek such music through MTV-type outlets. Such music is given great care and concern when appealing to such an audience; thus it is often produced, analyzed, and marketed down to the finest deltail, giving it an air of high-production fakeness that one gets when watching a Hollywood Sitcom.
Tom thinks he's so cool with all those vintage clothes and that spiked hair; he's always claiming to be the king of underground music. But when we were in his car, he only played Dude Rock.
by Jordan February 28, 2004

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The gayest gay act
"That guy likes the baked potato"
by Jordan May 11, 2004

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To cammand someone to cease verbal action, or quit speaking.
Dave Chappelle.
Selencio. The white man is speaking. Excuse me, theres a white man up here. UNGOwA!!
by Jordan November 16, 2004

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a moron on the computer
16:53 <SSVegetto> that was the old vegetto 16:53 <SSVegetto> im a super saiya-jin now 16:53 <SSVegetto> more advance more smarter
by Jordan September 27, 2004

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an angry looking yet very friendly and sensitive person with black features (such as being very well endowed)
That girl be sleeping with a nery, and that's why she walking bowlegged!
by Jordan July 05, 2004

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An affirmative statement that has nothing to do with "what" or any of its variants, nor does it pose a question.
P-dawg: "The Roots are the best band ever."
J-Unit: "Wut wut."
by Jordan February 29, 2004

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Another word for nigger, one that may not get u shot in the hood. but ur ass kicked all the same.
you kneegar get away from my car. Tim Chen is a kneegar.
by Jordan February 29, 2004

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