Ipsa is a very

crazy, stupid and fun loving girl who loves spending time with her loved ones. She cant live without her friends and family also she is a big emotional sissy. Loves finding happiness in small little things and cares about everyone around her.

If you know any ipsa you a re a very lucky person because the more you are close to her the more happiness she will give you!!!
Heyyy ipsa love you and very happy to have you in my life
by Peeky January 10, 2018
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ipsa is one stupid dude who cant learn one of all tactics in cs very stypid dude very..
cant play cs and he is the most sLOWLY people i ever seen !
ipsa is one stupid dude who cant learn one of all tactics in cs very stypid dude very..
cant play cs and he is the most sLOWLY people i ever seen
by jordan April 7, 2005
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The thing speaks for itself. Legal term for something which is self-evident.
by Kurtz February 11, 2004
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Noun. Bleeding obvious
Derivation- The thing shouts for itself. As a fun alteration of Res ipsa loquitur which literally means ' the thing speaks for itself ' ( something obvious )
Its clearly evident that vaccines protect us from COVID-19 ! It's a case of Res ipsa shoutitur ! Absolutely obvious !
by Nodcrafty charlatan December 31, 2022
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Literally, " The thing, itself, speaks, at first face. "

An ideal of hermeneutics which insists that the logical foundation for an interpretation should be the most straightforward, most obvious, most logical, most self-evident reading which one would most likely assume from a text when taking it as it comes to one, or reading it as it as, in it's own terms and in its own words, at face value.

Ideally it is an attempt to read a text with fresh wide-open eyes, free from prejudices and preconceptions and all outside influences; as if reading it for the first time, with no foreknowledge, thereof. Ideal in theory but likely impossible in practice.

Further elaborations should be built upon this foundation if and only if sound, valid, objective, and logical reasons exist to support such deviations.
Your intrepretation seems contrived and doesn't fit well with the spirit of res ipsa loquitur prima facie.
by Gill Malankhoney (3) February 19, 2012
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a) a Latin phrase meaning (original meaning): if the rationale behind a law fails, so should the law (i.e. it is potentially time to replace said law, since it may n o longer serve its intended purpose)

b) (my new and improved English translation of the phrase): a nicer way of saying " repeal and replace" old and possibly antiquated laws)
can cessat ratione legis, cessat et ipsa lex, definition b) be applied, or should it even be applied, to Obamacare?
by Sexydimma December 17, 2016
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ou stabbed in my heart. I will die.
The conclusion was - Res Ipsa Loquitor
by Chandigarh Jatt November 14, 2020
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