76 definition by jonny

relating to the weather
The test had weatherical questions on it.
by jonny December 03, 2002

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The hottest vietnamese girl... EVER!
Jawknee ::hearts:: Britknee
by Jonny October 11, 2004

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u use it to catch some1s attention
hey come over here!BOOBLECHEM!
oh yo wats up...nmu?
by jonny April 05, 2003

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a term used to describe a particular amount of bev, bev being a small, crappy little poser dick. the "wad" refers to the precise quantity of bevs needed to maintain this bevness.
"hey man, get a load of that chunky assed bevwad"
"jeeeesus, that is one serious wad there man."
by jonny March 11, 2005

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some fuckin wanker that thought he could rip off the word noob
omg ur such a noobzor
by Jonny October 13, 2003

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JonnyP made this and it means that ur dik is so long you can use it as a kik stand
my dik is 4 and a half feet long so i can just lean over and use it as a kik stand
by jonny September 19, 2004

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State of being where your brain is so blank you're thinking retarded thoughts.
dude 1:"Dude, I was so out of it last i nite!"
dude 2"Yeah man, you were limnifigistic!"
by Jonny July 23, 2004

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