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One of the most renowned high schools in all of California. One who attends this magnificent school of hierarchy is, but not limited to; a stud, baller, money maker, genius, or any other positively denoted expression/saying. As with any prodigious school that exists, it is agitated and belittled by schools with not nearly as much dexterity. St. Francis in particular is compared to Loyola as, if not, the greatest single sex school in California, which in return is most bothersome. As many of you know, St. Francis did indeed defeat Loyola in football a few years ago; As you also may know, Loyola was mutilating St. Francis in football for roughly 30 years. Yes St. Francis, you did prevail over us, however this should not result in getting a broner and jizzing profusely all over your La Canada terrain with your gaunt FSHA girls. Certainly, this one definition cannot and will not contain everything that is abundant to this vast academic and athletic institution.
Loyola High School, Los Angeles in 2011 was ranked #1 in athletics for an all boys school in the nation by ESPN Rise.

Singlehandedly, Loyola’s cross country team has been ranked in the nation for the past 13 years. (As of 2011)
by jomama217 July 30, 2011

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Friend Trimming is the act of deleting the friends you do not know on any social network. (i.e. facebook, myspace.. etc..)
Dude, I have to go friend trimming today because I have over 50 pornstars and my parents are getting worried.
by jomama217 May 03, 2010

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A Formspring Loner is one who asks themselves an anonymous question on Formspring that they wish to answer, but no one has asked them.
How big is your penis?

Good Question, It is two inches. FROM THE GROUND!!!

^^^ Formspring Loner
by jomama217 December 23, 2010

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1) To have a complete and irrational cunt move done unto yourself.

2) To score less then 30% on any variation of exam/test/quiz.
1) Did you see what Mr. Caldwell did to William? He totally qazed him!

2) Fuck man, I just qazed on that test; that will really lower my grade.
by jomama217 November 21, 2011

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( jO-guh-jie )

Used as a hurtful insult, originally derived from the basque last name "Jauregui." Having multiple meanings, the most prominent of which being "a dumb nagger" ("nagger" in substitution for "nigger," however this term can refer to people of all races). One who is referred to as a "jogahji" has no regard for authority, does not employ common sense, and/ or enjoys kissing rainbows.
1) Youz a dangummit jogahji, and das all ya'll eva be.

2) Stop bein' onea dem dangdung jogahjis.

3) Dis dumb nagger is a dowrigh' jogahji.

4) Whoeva clogged da shitta is a damn jogahji.

5) Rashaad, stop bein'a damn jogahji.
by jomama217 August 04, 2011

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When someone that you do not like, either likes or comments on your Facebook status. Them being the loner, has made your status a dead status. No one will comment on it anymore other than that person again.
____________ : Just got head from my smoking hot girlfriend. My life is complete :D

^ 8 people like this

Fag Bag: Wow dude, you have a penis? Couldn’t tell. Lol! XD

(For the most part, the comment they have to say displays them as mentally handicapped. Notice how the person above, Fag Bag, acknowledges that the status that someone posted as a dude, then later says that they have no penis, contradicting the entire existence of the comment; making whoever commenting an annoying fuck.)

Congratulations your status is now dead and your girlfriend won’t go down on your cock anymore. (Fuck this Dead Status!)
by jomama217 January 04, 2011

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A status fight is the act of when you and a person you do not like, particularly an ex-girlfriend, exchange status’ indirectly to one another. The status' do not have to be harmful to one another, they simply have to state that this person is online.
Ex-Girlfriend: I LOVE TO SHOP!!!
Boy: You could not believe the immensity of the fuck that I do not give about shopping.

At this time the Status fight has begun, Notice how the male does not directly tell his Ex-Girlfriend to fuck off, but states what she does not like.
by jomama217 November 26, 2010

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