7 definitions by jo-mama

1) A studdering New Yorker trying to give some imbecile tourist better directions to the Empire State Building.
2) translated, "You ought to"
New Yorker speaking, "Yeah, a...yadda yadda t-t-turn left atta...Alb-b-bakoik-k-ky...yeah, Albakoiky!"
by jo-mama November 9, 2003
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A childish insult denoting a bratty kids supercilious behavior...but said in cutesy kind way so as not to provoke a kick in the shins.
"David, my darling boy, you are being such a silly 'monkey-doo-doo-brain' today!"
by jo-mama November 9, 2003
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1) A most handsome and talented son belonging to a particularly "cool" mother.
2) Larry is Ryan's dad.
A mother speaking "I sure hope Sonny here grows up to be a fine 'Rytoe' and make me proud! I guess I got my work cut out for me, too!"
by jo-mama November 9, 2003
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Large breasted woman exposing cleavage of their pressed together and pushed up breasts, resembling buttcheeks.
"Whoa! Check out the butt-in-the-front on that chick! She's DEFINITELY got a butt comin and a butt goin!"
by jo-mama November 8, 2003
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1. cheapass way to buy an iced latte - order a double shot of espresso over ice, then use the free milk or half & half at the condiment bar at *$, discard most of the ice - voila! save $1-$2 >> pretty ghetto, though

2. even mo' ghetto - mix equal parts 7-11 coffee & hot chocolate
you momma so po she have to make a ghetto latte
by jo-mama January 8, 2006
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1) The nonscientific, and more commonly recognized name for a grossly huge, long and slimy...banana slug. A particular variety found in vegetable gardens throughout the continents capable of devouring much vegetation in a short amount of time.

2) Human penile envy in comparison to the undeniable resembalence of the banana slug to a mans penis, aka, wishful thinking, minus the green shade in color
1) Farmer John: "Dang-nabbit! Those @#*& shlongs have cleaned me out of my cucumbers!"

2) after Farmer John has taken a closer look: "Holy cucumbers, zucchini's and everything else longer than 5 inches...if I only had a shlong the size of THAT!...why, wouldn't Martha be one screamin happy hag!" (*chuckle-chuckle*)
by jo-mama November 9, 2003
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1) Someone lame who copies the look or personality of another they feel is superior, in an earnest effort to feel cool.
2) Just when you think you've come up with something NEW and your OWN originality in style and dress...here comes your fat-ass sister and some ugly so-called "friends" to try and COPY your look...shootin it all to hell.
from one classmate to another, "Hey Heather, I like the look...too bad Sharon and Clair are biting your style. Girl, you should hang out with some better lookin friends!"
by jo-mama November 9, 2003
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