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These 3 words put fear in any man or boy who isn't expecting it. They are usually followed up by the word pregnant.
girl: I really enjoyed sex with you a few weeks ago. guy : Me too it was great. girl : I think I'm --------. guy: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
by jimmybomm July 07, 2020

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If this is said numerous times in a day its because a persons partner doesn't trust where they are. They usually think their partner is cheating when in reality their partner is working their ass off to make money to have a comfortable life.
guy 1: Man can you believe my wife keeps calling me wanting to know where I'm at while I'm working? guy 2: What's up with that? guy 1: She has trust issues. I could care less about cheating. Seriously why would anyone want 2 women asking them " where are you?"
by jimmybomm June 01, 2020

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A person who doesn't want to listen when spoken to. They think they are right on everything so when someone is telling them something they could care less.
I tried to tell joe not to drink and drive but he thinks he is sober enough. He sure is being a cock bone.
by jimmybomm April 22, 2020

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A very annoying person that just wont shut up.
Guy 1: Hey bro are you going to john's cookout? Guy 2: I don't think so because he has been drinking. You know how much of a sweat neck he is when he gets a few in him. Guy:1 Yep. By the end of the night he will have a blister on his tongue from flapping so much.
by jimmybomm June 03, 2020

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This refers to all who don't think its important to wear a mask during the covid19 pandemic. They are slow witted, selfish and refuse to wear a mask thinking they aren't gonna get the virus. They have no clue how the virus works and its possible they are the carriers spreading the virus to others. Not everyone has signs and symptoms so wear a mask.
guy 1: Would you look at all those covid halfwits walking around in the grocery store not wearing a mask. guy 2: I see them. They could care less that they are infecting others and keeping the virus alive.
by jimmybomm May 01, 2020

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It means to take a shit.
guy 1: Man bro i've been eating a lot of cheese and im all stopped up. guy 2: You better take some laxatives and dash to the bathroom to peel a loaf. guy 1: Too late it just broke free in my pants.
by jimmybomm April 24, 2020

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The person that walks around a party spilling their drink everywhere. The person usually doesn't realize they are doing it because of intoxication.
guy 1: Man did you see jonas the spill meister over there. guy 2: I sure did. Now who's gonna clean that mess up. guy 1: Not me i didn't see anything.
by jimmybomm April 04, 2020

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