147 definitions by jimmybomm

Guy 1: Hey man do you want to go torch one? Its monkey paw. Guy 2: Hell yes bro I haven't tasted that strain in years.
by jimmybomm June 10, 2021
Licking pussy. If God did not want man to eat pussy then why did he make it look so much like a taco.
I'm going out tonight and I'm gonna be the biggest taco tosser in the club.
by jimmybomm July 26, 2020
The muscle that holds your asshole shut. To call a person a sphincter muscle is very offensive. Your basically calling someone a asshole.
Man check out that woman over there yelling at those kids for fishing near her precious boat. She is a sphincter muscle and needs to stop talking shit.
by jimmybomm October 19, 2020
The act of buttering a piece of toast with cum for someone to eat it.
She loved the taste of my jiz so much I made her some jiz toast.
by jimmybomm October 26, 2020
A vagina that is very wet, loose and sloppy.
Guy 1: Hey bro check out that hot chick over there. I'm gonna tap that tonight. Guy 2: You might want to pick someone else. I heard she has a soupy pussy and the last guy who banged her said it felt like putting his crank in a warm glass of water. Guy 1: Thanks man for the info.
by jimmybomm August 8, 2021
This is someone who is being a drunken fool and shooting their mouth off. They are always looking for a fight when they have been drinking.
Man check out that guy over there starting shit with everyone in the bar. He's being a real cockshaft.
by jimmybomm June 15, 2020
A short fat cock that resembles a potato.
girl 1: Omg girlfriend you should have seen this guys spud cock. It almost wouldn't fit. girl 2: Send him to me. I won't have a problem getting it in.
by jimmybomm June 4, 2020