13 definitions by jgrizz

fucked up or INTOXICATED in any way.

all these people writing essays on wut it means, stop tryin to be down. lol at all of yall.
by jgrizz September 1, 2003
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cocaine or yayo ... some people also refer to GRIZZ as a gram of cocaine.
I went to cop the grizz a half hour ago.
by jgrizz September 1, 2003
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to get at or clap, or to cut close
i murked the turn hittin a buck 80...

imma murk all yall niggaz if yall come thru again
by jgrizz September 1, 2003
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a bogie (cigarette) that has coke pulled into it to be smoked.
bust out the yay so we can smoke a koolie
by jgrizz September 1, 2003
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Someone you only call late at night when you're drunk and want to hook up, but wouldn't actually date or hang out with. Derives from late night plates of terrible food at diners that are only acceptable after 3am.
"I didn't meet anyone cool at the party last night, so I called up my late plate."

"Kristen, that guy never texts you except after midnight, when he's drunk and wants to get laid. He's late plating you!"
by jgrizz November 6, 2013
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