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age/sex/location. used mostly in chatrooms by people who are either pedophilic stalkers or else very lonely people.
Dude 1: "yo, asl?"
Dude 2: "80/male/arkansas"
Dude 1: *runs, since there's no promise of sex*
by Jax February 18, 2003

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Denny's is a 24-hour diner. They serve warm mediocre quality food, coffee, and the essential Meat-Lover's Skillet. To fully qualify as a Denny's however the diner must have:

1.) A waitress that has worked there way too long. She is missing a finger, a tooth, or maybe she has a 6th toe. In any case she's freaking tired and does not take any of your crap.

2.) One of the following non-conformists:
"To be a non-conformist, you have to dress in black, and listen to the same music we do."
a.) Goth kids. Black attire, hopped up on caffeine writing bad gothic poetry (i.e. "If a drop of blood would make you smile I would slash my wrists till I expired in a crimson puddle of my wasted love")
b.) Wiccan kids. Not to be confused with Goth kids. They wear black too, but lean more toward the caped Halloween look. They must have bumper stickers on their car that read something like "My other car is a broomstick". They know magik so you better not mess with them.
c.) Emo kids. You will either have the tolerable ones who actually know something about music, or the lame ones that just discovered the fad out of Seventeen magazine. Availability varies by location. Dashboard anyone?

3.) The bitter kid that makes fun of those people in #2. This can be damn funny.

4.) The creepy midnight shift guy. No one knows much about him, but they wish he's take a shower.

5.) The people who drag their whining screaming brats out for an 11 pm dinner. Maybe if Mommy hadn't been turning tricks all day she would have made you a home cooked meal.

6.) The drunks. If need help spotting them they the person that just went into the booth headfirst. Also, the stoners. They never bothered to find the booth; they are sitting on the floor.

7.) An impossible to operate crane machine.

8.) Billowing clouds of smoke. What non-smoking section?

9.) Endless amount of coffee! Endless! *Sigh* and tea, for those types.
"Denny's exist for one purpose and that is to serve the completely exhausted an the totally wasted... and no one else. Because of that fact you can go in there an order anything without reading a single word, you just point to the photograph of the food you want." ~ Sabrina Matthews
by jax January 03, 2005

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Social Distortion: one of the only punk-surviving bands today. They rock like no one has ever done before.
Mommy's Little Monster, Ball and Chain, Prison Bound, Story of my Life
by Jax August 27, 2004

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generic term for the person you are addressing
"I got no time to sit and flip and pop bullshit
Turn up your stereo, hops, insert the rhyme clip" - Ice-T, Pulse of the Rhyme
by Jax June 18, 2006

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Jackson- known for Great Adventure and if you didnt live in Jackson your whole life then you know it as Six Flags. Its the place that you can be considered a Hick but at the same time be told you live in a city. You have to go to other towns to actually go to stores. One side of Jackson is woods and the other is built up. Schools are known to be over-crowded and filled with a diverse group. People move here because they like the woods but then they build it up to what they just left.
Anyone who is a true J-towner knows that there is always a PaRtY to go to, you know that Jackson is thought as this wonderful town that the kids are "innocent". Here is where you laugh it up. You know the deal-woods, parties,drinking...etc...there's nothing else to do. so fill that glass and cheers to the true J-towners that prove to every1 what a good time really is.
*Woods parties
*colliers mills

J-town is filled with a diversity that know one can ever live up to.

Your either one of us or not
by Jax February 12, 2005

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Japanese for 'pretty girl' or 'girly girl'.
"She's such a bishojo"
by Jax February 18, 2003

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stemming from the word dope added to delicious
that shirt is dopalicious!!!
by JaX May 17, 2004

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