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Clear Italian rocket fuel. Made from the bits of grape vine that can't be used for making wine. Lethal in large doses.
It was a 4 grappa evening. I didn't see the next morning.
by Jon January 17, 2004
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1.An old alcoholic beverage made from the remnants of wine-grape pressings (whatever was leftover, including stems, seeds, and skins). Grappa has been made in Italy since at least the sixteenth century. The first grappa makers were probably frugal farmers seeking a way to use up the leftovers from the winemaking process. Like balsamic vinegar and wine, the price goes up depending on the vineyard, and the aging process. Although grappa is a thoroughly Italian beverage, similar concoctions are produced in other nations, including the United States. In Spain it is aguardiente, the French call it marc, and the Greeks have their raki.

2.Is considered a grape spirit. After wine has been made, water is added to the leftover husks, skins, pits and stalks. The mash is fermented then distilled to become grappa. Grappa is clear, colorless and produced in Italy. Best enjoyed straight up in a cognac snifter, in mixed drinks and cocktails. Blends well with fruit juices, coffee, fruit liqueurs, nut liqueurs, cacao liqueurs, coffee liqueurs and cream liqueurs. Off the top of my head, Grappa is 70% alcohol.
by jax January 07, 2005
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The writer doesn't know Greeks. They have their ouzo. It is Turks who call it raki. Mikrasian Greeks, i.e., Greeks from Asian Minor {Turkey refer to it as ouzo. But ouzo, raki, etc is closer to French pastis, like Pernod. This is flavored with anise and usually diluted by pouring in water, or in this country, serving it over ice. Grappa, for those who know how to drink it, is taken neat, and does not have anise. The lesser stuff can taste like rocket fuel. The higher grades are excellent. Grappa warms chilly bones.
At the cafe in Heraklion, we drank an excellent ouzo with the mezes. It tasted nothing like grappa.
by Bernardo September 26, 2005
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A special form of wine residue found literally at the bottom of the barrel, generally highly fermented.
Grappa describes the feeling after an encounter with a not-so-attractive one night stand.

"I know I drank too much last night because them skins I was stompin' last night were grappa."
by Slingblade1013 February 09, 2008
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