Afrikaans verb meaning to hit, strike or punch
if he wasn't so big, i'd bliksem that oke.
by master ace October 11, 2005
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something jenum used to call me because she loved me
by bliksem July 27, 2004
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Noun. Roughly the same meaning as 'bastard'.
by Woolf June 28, 2009
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Bliksem: A word used to describe the way in which you will physically assault someone.
Frequently used by adults when talking to children, teenagers, or sometimes even other adults. Alternatively, Vliksem is used in school settings to send the same message, but without being held accountable for swearing at children.
Being bliksemed is very brief but very painful
Teacher: Why isn't your homework done again? Do you want me to vliksem you?

Father: This is the last time you're going to skip homework, the next time I hear you didn't do it I'm going to bliksem you
by BigBullManMilkers February 4, 2023
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