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1. A man who lives in Burlington, Vermont. He has his own live TV show where he sits in a rocking chair by a table where he takes random calls. His show uses a bad green-screen to show cows walking around in the background. Every so often a cow takes a shit.

2. Quite possibly the best show that I have ever seen.

3. A TV show on VCAM
Did you see Louie The Cowman last night?

Louie The Cowman is the best show ever, dude!
by iz March 27, 2005

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Ladifuckingda - interjection
1. An exclamation of sarcastic congratulations
2. An expletive of extreme dissapointment or distress
3. An abstract phrase used to express emotions, usually of the less elated kind

NOT to be confused as each case has seperate emphasis and therefore seperate usage

Usage: Associated with Whoopdifrickindoo and Hoofuckinray
- Wow, I got admitted into the pencil sharpening collection club.
- Well ladifuckingda!

- Dudette, you got shit on your skirt
- Oh ladiFUCKingda

- How are you?
- La-di-fuck-ing-da (said with swing)
by Iz November 17, 2003

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A website about SpongeBob created by IZ. Allies of SpongeZone.
by IZ August 16, 2004

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A great and nice person
you are the greatest Quinny ever
by IZ April 25, 2004

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a white nigga
I to da Z
by IZ December 01, 2003

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the coolest girl alive soooo funny lolol
me: u no u can b horny even if u r a virgin...i mean look at holden
kiri: u wud no
by iz December 05, 2003

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1. April 20th.

2. National pot smoking day (April 20th).

3. A 2 person racing sailboat made by Vanguard and used in the olympics.
1. It's 420

2. it's 420 do you know where your weed is?

3. "lets go 420ing" "do u have the weed?" "no, lets go sailing!"
by iz March 27, 2005

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